If a member has service in two or more of the current participating systems, they may be eligible for proportionate benefits:

Participating systems recognize service from other participating systems. If a member has eligible service credit in more than one participating retirement system, they may be eligible to combine that service in order to satisfy the length of service requirements used to determine eligibility for service retirement. Please note that proportionate service counts for eligibility purposes only and does not add to additional service credit years for pension calculation purposes.

  • Retirement benefits will be paid separately from each system, based only on the service performed in that system.
  • Military service purchases may only be used once in determining the amount of the member’s combined service credit.
  • If a member of a participating retirement system forfeited their membership service by withdrawing their deposits, they may re-establish credit for service earned in another participating proportionate retirement system.

Under Texas Government Code Chapter 803, TMRS and TCDRS are not required to recognize service with APRS. It is strongly encouraged that the member contact the system in which they previously had membership in order to determine eligibility requirements to re-establish service credit and/or continued membership. A member should determine their proportionate retirement eligibility before withdrawing member deposits in any of these systems. APRS will verify eligible proportionate service prior to retirement with APRS. Unless the service is with TMRS or TCDRS, funds must remain on deposit at the participating proportionate system in order to use that service for proportionate retirement eligibility. 

To inform APRS of your proportionate service, please contact the System and provide us with the name of the retirement system(s) for which you want Proportionate Service Credit added to your APRS records. With the exception of TMRS and TCDRS, please note that the participating proportionate systems must have funds in the account to be eligible to claim proportionate service.