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APRS Benefits Calculator

The APRS benefits calculator is designed to estimate future pension benefit amounts and survivor options. The calculator provides estimates only and is not intended to provide an exact calculation of your future pension benefit.

You will be able to estimate a pension benefit based on the following retirement eligibility criteria:

  • Any age and 23 years creditable service (excluding pre-membership military service credit)
  • Age 55 and 20 years creditable service (excluding pre-membership military service credit)
  • Age 62 and any number of creditable service years

In addition to estimating a normal retirement pension benefit, you will be able to also estimate a retirement using Proportionate Service Credit and/or Seven Year Forward DROP.

The benefits calculator does not provide quotes for a service credit purchases, Retro DROP, or Five Year Forward DROP. For these types of estimates, please submit a Benefit Calculation Request Form.

Although the Austin Police Retirement System makes every attempt to make sure that information provided by the benefits calculator is reliable, human or mechanical error remains a possibility. Therefore, the Austin Police Retirement System does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information provided by the calculator, and will not be responsible for any errors, or for the use of, or results obtained from use of the calculator. Please keep in mind that in determining your actual benefits, the official Plan provisions and Board policies will be applied to your situation. The estimates are not to be construed in anyway as a promise or contract with APRS to pay a specified pension benefit amount if your actual records or the terms of the Plan do not entitle you to that benefit nor does it guarantee a specific retirement eligibility date.


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