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Service Credit Purchases

There are six types of service credits that members may be able to purchase:

  1. Probationary Service - Eligible service purchased from commission date to retirement system start date in the event it has not been credited.
  2. Military Service - Eligible service purchased for up to two years previous active federal duty military service, prior to employment. A member is not eligible to use this type of military service credit when it has been used as creditable service in another federal or statutory public retirement system in Texas. (DD-214 Form Required)
  3. Uniformed Leave of Absence Service - Eligible service for military leave of absence granted from City employment and purchased within five years of reemployment with the City.
  4. Reinstated Forfeited Service - Eligible service for prior Austin Police Retirement System membership service that was forfeited by withdrawal of accumulated deposits, and repurchased after 24 consecutive months of membership service after police reemployment.
  5. Cadet Service - Eligible service purchased from date of cadet class enrollment to commission date in the event it has not been credited.
  6. Permissive Service - Eligible service of up to 60 months at 20 years of service credit or more for immediate or delayed retirement, excluding pre-membership military service, at full actuarial present value cost. Purchasing permissive service credit cannot be combined with participating in the Retro or Forward DROP programs.

If you think you may be eligible to purchase any of the above service credit options, contact the System for a quote and verification of eligibility.

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