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APRS Office Update: COVID-19

Like all organizations, APRS continues to monitor developments related to the COVID-19 virus. Rest assured we are committed to making sure that there is no disruption to our services, especially for payment of monthly annuities. Once processed, APRS benefit payments are handled offsite by the System custodial bank, Northern Trust, which also has preparedness plans in place to ensure success with business continuity. Please note that as of March 13, the APRS office with be closed to walk-in visitors for an undetermined period. Staff is preparing to work remotely, if needed at some point, and we have confidence that we can handle the needs of APRS members as they arise. We will also not be accepting face-to-face office appointments for consultations within the next couple of weeks. We anticipate being able to temporarily handle all business over the phone or through electronic communication. Please call us for advice about how we can best serve your needs, (512) 416-7672, or send us an email through our web site contact at

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