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About APRS

Mission Statement:
To serve the APRS membership and protect the retirement benefits for the past, present and future members of the System.

Value Statement:
The Austin Police Retirement System´┐Żs Board of Trustees is committed to the following values and beliefs in the pursuit to achieve our mission:

  • Respect the interests of our membership
  • Embrace, anticipate and influence change and plan strategically for the future
  • Train and educate ourselves to ensure we continue to grow professionally
  • Innovate ways to administer the plan with the sole interest of our members in mind
  • Remain honest and respectful in all capacities
  • Effectively communicate with our membership
  • Maintain the trust of our membership
  • Efficiently remain prudent in investing
  • Never act without consensus
  • Teamwork as a board will ensure all of these values are met

Board of Trustees
The following is a list of the current Austin Police Retirement System's Board of Trustees.

Pension System Profile
The Austin Police Retirement System was established in 1980 in order to provide retirement, death and disability benefits to its members.

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