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About APRS

Board of Trustees

The following is a list of the Austin Police Retirement System's current Board of Trustees. Please email all correspondence to

Sergeant Jim Beck

Sergeant Andrew Romero
Vice Chair

Ret. Commander Michael Jung
Police Member

Commander Todd Smith
Police Member

Sr. Police Officer Tyler Link
Police Member

Mr. Carl Zimmerman
Retiree Member

Mr. Keith Harrison
Retiree Member

Ms. Kathie Tovo
Mayor Pro Tem

Ms. Elaine Hart
City Manager

Mr. Art Alfaro
City Treasurer

Mr. Chesley Wood
Citizen Member

Committee Members

Investment Committee Members

Chair Art Alfaro
Vice Chair Mike Jung
Andrew Romero
Carl Zimmerman
Chesley Wood
Alternates: Jim Beck and Keith Harrison

Goals & Objectives Committee

Chair Andrew Romero
Vice Chair Carl Zimmerman
Mike Jung
Todd Smith
Tyler Link
Alternates: Jim Beck and Keith Harrison

Disability Committee Members

Chair Chesley Wood
Vice Chair Kathie Tovo
Art Alfaro
Keith Harrison
Todd Smith
Alternates: Andrew Romero and Tyler Link

Legislative Committee Members

Chair Andrew Romero
Vice Chair Keith Harrison
Kathie Tovo

Ethics Committee Members

Chair Todd Smith
Art Alfaro
Carl Zimmerman

In the event, a quorum of three can not be in attendance the alternates will be called.

Copies of Disclosures and Questionnaires under Chapter 176, Local Government Code, may be obtained by sending an e-mail to the .

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